Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vitruvian Man

We did our first set of auditions/readings for Closet Space yesterday. They went very, very well (thanks to the LeBlancs for letting us use their place AGAIN for movie stuff). The luxury I have this time around is that we have so many good people and no real nudity or sex scenes to worry about, so I pretty much have my pick for the cast. Plus, I'm actually at the top of the food chain on this movie, thus making me the sole casting decision maker - which is the way I like it, of course. I think I have all the roles decided on by this point - there are just a few x-factors floating around out there before I can finalize the cast. I was most worried about the male lead, though....turns out the filling of that role fell into place quite well yesterday.

Now we can start setting up cast readings and crew meetings, in addition to getting the remainder of the financing and legal stuff squared away (aka the "Movie Business" part).

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