Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fango Pic #2: Me at the Closet Space table. People are digging the door.
So....last night Domingo, Marcus, Chris, Kristi and myself had dinner with Michael Gingold, Scooter McRae, and Mike Mendez. Very, very cool company for a horror nerd like me, and the conversation was excellent. I also found a male hetero life-mate in Scooter; we bonded over our shared love for Alien 3.

Today begins the second (and probably busiest) day of the convention, so we'll be pimping Closet Space super-hard. Tonight I believe we are having another "horror nerd night out". Awesome.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fangoria pic #1. Me with Dee Snider.

"Street Justice....whoa oh oh!"

I'm sitting here at the Closet Space table at the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors. The convention is a lot of fun so far, and it's only the first day. We've already made a ton of connections and talked our heads off about the movie. There's lots of interest, which is really, really cool. Most of the kind words we've recieved go something along the lines of "it looks like you guys had a huge budget". I try not to get a coronary each time I laugh at that one. It's definitely high praise in my eyes.

Tonight we're probably going to party/hobnob with some of the other horror luminaries, and then tomorrow night we are setting up an impromptu screening for one of our fellow filmmakers. Sunday is a day of mystery at this point, but I'm sure some of it will involve driving.

The Flesh Keeper completes principal photography tomorrow friend Matt is taking my place there now since I'm in movie-pimping mode. The shoot was fun, yet harrowing, although we got some really really good stuff. I can't wait to see the finished project. The crew was great, as was the cast...I definitely have some casting ideas in mind for Closet Space 2 now.

It will take me a while to recover from the one-two punch of that shoot and this Fango trip, but I have a lot of relaxing editing in front of me. stop - rough cut of Closet Space. Engage.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

They've started a Closet Space page on the IMDb. Updates should be going in shortly.

I go back into crazy Flesh Keeper shoot mode tomorrow for another week of nuttiness and sleep deprivation. I seriously can't wait. There's no sarcasm in that last sentence, or in this one for that matter. The Flesh Keeper is a really fun ride so far, regardless of the toll it's taking on my soon-to-be 30 year old mind and body.

The weekend after that is Fango. Excited about that as well.

Today I plan to read some comic books and vegetate. Maybe even edit a little of Closet Space.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am dog tired from the movie shoot, so I'm going to be lazy and repost a bulletin I put out on the internet crack colloquialy known as MySpace:

It's been a wild few days for me.

First off, my last/current project,
Closet Space , got some love from my favorite horror press outlets.


Arrow In The Head

Dread Central

. Check out the stories if you have time.

Next, I began work on
The Flesh Keeper, which is Gerald Nott's follow-up to The Quick and The Undead (due out on DVD later this year - check it out). The shoot has been extremely tiring, but a blast nonetheless...and it's cool to have Texas moviemaking ideals crash headlong into aspects of the "Hollywood" system.

Finally, one of my
favorite bands announced a reunion show that I never thought would happen. I know what I'm doing this Thanksgiving.

Check out the links if you're got a moment. More news on all movie fronts to come shortly, and remember that Closet Space will be at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in NYC later this month.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Closet Space got some love from my favorite horror press outlets. Check out our news items on:


Arrow In The Head

Dread Central

Look for more exciting CLOSET SPACE news in the near future! In the meantime, Stacy Davidson and I are working with Gerald Nott on The Flesh Keeper (see below) out in the middle of nowhere. I haven't slept in almost two days. It's been a blast.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Closet Space - FX Interview

Oddtopsy FX talks about working on Closet Space. There be minor spoilers within.

Okay, I lied.

I give you - THE FLESH KEEPER!

Click here for the MySpace page.

Well, I'm jumping into the deep end on Monday. I start my first "real" movie gig (by "real" I mean a weekly schedule and drawing a salary, rather than shooting on weekends or whenever time allows for little to no pay...or actually negative pay, for that matter). Not to cheapen the other stuff I've done by any means...but I can actually almost see myself making a living doing horror movies, and that's weird to me. I'm still not positive that I can leak the title and concept, but suffice to say the movie is firmly in the Chainsaw/Last House/Tourist Trap vein.

What's even more interesting is that our Texas movie synchronicity continues...we have three cast members carrying over from Closet Space along with three crew members, and a couple of those cast and crew also worked on Necrophobia. It's like we have our own Texas horror version of the Titanic, Brittanic, and Oceanic now....well, without the hyperbole, I guess. What I'm saying is that it's neat to have sister movies and a solid working core of people from which to draw.

I'm taking the laptop along, so maybe I can steal some moments to finish my long in development scripts. We'll see.

For those of you in the Houston area, Raymond Gayle will be on KPFT 90.1 tonight at 7:30 to talk about Electric Purgatory, which is a documentary that I helped him with. It's good stuff, and the subject matter is very salient to me. I know I've said that 20 or so times here, but I can't stress it enough.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Closet Space Trailer #1

I may still make some small sartorial changes, but here it is for the most part.