Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I'm already posting cast and crew calls for Closet Space 2 and 3. Actually, with what I have planned for both of them, the more time we have to prepare, the better. So, if you're interested, here's the info:

Upstart Filmworks will begin production on two feature length follow-ups to the soon-to-be-completed CLOSET SPACE in the fall of 2007. The plan is to shoot both sequels back to back (possibly concurrently), and as such, a lot of pre-production planning will be required. With this in mind, Upstart Filmworks is beginning the casting and crewing process so that we have the summer months to prepare.

CLOSET SPACE has already been courted by several distributors, festivals, and media outlets, and we expect to ride this wave of interest and positive press with CS2 and 3.CLOSET SPACE 2 and 3 will continue with the tone set in the original - very dark, Lovecraftian, creepy, gruesome, and at times fantastically gory.

CAST: Looking for all types 20-50, with emphasis on fit, military types. Martial arts, dance, firearm handling, and stunt experience are plusses.

CREW: Seeking EXPERIENCED crew for most positions.Cast and crew will be paid.

Please submit headshot/resume to:

Upstart Filmworks
4321-A Tulsa Rd.
Houston TX 77092.

There you have it. Please pay close attention to the part where it says EXPERIENCED. I'm getting too old to provide OJT on the set anymore. Also...if you're lazy, unfocused, or just a plain old pussy...don't even bother. It's already going to be a rough two to three months without me carrying you on my back.

In current Closet Space news, I'm actually shooting even more stuff this weekend...although for the most part, the shots have been long-languishing inserts that I never really got around to getting. I kinda wanted to get the movie in some sort of finished form prior to doing any of these pick-ups, and now I've got that, so I can shoot the last few niggling things.

While we're at it, of course, I can't resist adding a few things here and there, so I'll be doing that as well. Once again, we are doing new FX insert shots that I just came up with a few days ago - to add a little more "horror" to the proceedings. I'm like the indie horror George Lucas over here. Maybe I'll make Nancy shoot first.