Sunday, February 18, 2007

Man, I am getting worse and worse with updating this. Mainly because I'm a good deal of the way through post on Closet Space. We've started the ADR process, and I am enginieering the existing audio as well. It was tedious at first, but I'm kind of in the groove now. This is my first real serious attempt at audio engineering, even after years of being in bands and doing movie stuff. It sounds good so far, though. On a related note, I highly recommend the noise reduction preset in Adobe Audition 2.0 - it's been a huge help.

Edit edit edit...and then Wednesday we head off to the Chicago installment of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. A huge gaggle of us are going, so it should be fun. Closet Space, Necrophobia, 100 Tears, and Barricade will all have a presence there. I'm sure I'll freeze my Texas-bred ass off, just like last year. Maybe this time I won't lose my voice.

Big updates are coming as far as the Closet Space soundtrack/score, and premiere date, so look for those soon. We're shooting for a premiere in the Spring...probably April sometime.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hey everyone. First off, I have to say that last night's HFO Industry Mixer was a success. Thanks to Stacy Davidson and Mike James for putting it on. Several people came up to me and either said that they were scared, that they might not be able to sit through the movie based on the new trailer, etc. That makes me feel like I've done my job. I look forward to future Filmmaker First Mondays at Fitz.

I've included the new trailer and interview footage on the CLOSET SPACE MySpace page so everyone can take a peek behind the tentacled curtain. Jason Stewart and I talk about the project in general, and I included some of the Oddtopsy FX interview footage again...because really, who can get tired of those guys?

Anyway, before the video stuff, I just wanted to refresh everyone's memories on our little incestuous horror-movie web. Here are our current partners in crime, some or all of which will be alongside us at the upcoming
Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Chicago:

NECROPHOBIA is our lighting director/digital FX supervisor Stacy Davidson's horrific magnum opus. CLOSET SPACE's Morgan McCarthy is also one of the stars, and yours truly makes a cameo death appearance. It premieres in Houston in March. Keep your eyes peeled for this one. I've seen the movie, and it rocks.

BARRICADE is a little movie you may have heard about. Our friends Ted G., Timo Rose, Raine Brown, and Joe Zaso are all responsible/accountable for this sick little flick. I've also seen this one, and it tickled my long-dormant gag reflex. Good stuff.

One of our aforementioned FX gurus, Marcus Koch, is currently in Florida directing a nasty little picture called
100 TEARS.
Ted from BARRICADE and myself are helping them produce it. It features the biggest fucking cleaver I've ever seen.

Fellow Houston filmmaker Josh Vargas is almost finished shooting
SWAY, which features all manner of stuff to turn your stomach, revolt you, or just plain piss you off. SWAY also stars CLOSET SPACE's Melanie Donihoo.

Jason Beam is a bad-ass artist who did the BARRICADE artwork, the CLOSET SPACE poster, and a whole slew of other dark/fantasy things that you should check out at his website. I hear Christy Hemme is going to be at his table in Chicago, so you'll probably want to make a point to stop by.

The Unquiet Void provided us with some super creepy ambience and music for the new trailer. It really fits the mood that I'm aiming for with the movie, and I'm sure that the music had no small part in unsettling our audience last night.

Okay, enough rambling. There's more exciting CLOSET SPACE news on the horizon concerning our score, our screening plans, and our sequel(s!), but all in good time. Until then, enjoy the new videos!