Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just a bunch of quick news flashes:

I'm associate producing Stacy Davidson's new project, Sweatshop. Script by Ted "Gaygun".
Fangoria did a story on that a couple days ago. Shooting begins in October.

I'll probably also be helping out on
Desdemona, a project produced by Closet Space's James LaMarr. They start shooting in a couple of weeks as well.

The schedule for
SiliCon is up (for the most part). Northern California folks - I expect to see you at the "Images of People Of Color" panel with your hardball questions in hand. I just know someone out there wants to ask me what a nubian is.

Walking Distance is coming together. The new job leaves me little time to write, but I think I'm about to put a bow on it and get ready to shoot in January or so.

Speaking of January, that's when the
Austin Fangoria show is. Marcus (100 Tears) Koch, Joe (Fearmakers) Davison, Elmar (100 Tears) Berger, Stacy, and myself are all on a "Southern Horror" panel. It should be pretty crazy. I have a feeling that I'll have to spend most of the time keeping Stacy from humping Robert Rodriguez' leg.

...and last and sort of least...
Witchcraft 13 finally got a release date. To say that I have mixed feelings is a massive understatement...but will be pretty cool to have a distributed title out with my name on it. Fortunately, Closet Space will be out there soon as well. More on that as it develops.

For anyone wondering where my usual movie rants are...I actually haven't been to the theater in a while (see above sentence about the new job murdering my schedule). Don't worry - they'll be back, so you'll all have something to either cheer on or piss and moan about very soon. Actually, the only movie I've watched lately was Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark a couple nights ago. It was on
Chiller, what can I say?

And, in closing...the new Foo Fighters album fairly well rocks. I don't think these guys are capable of sucking.