Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fango Cover sneak peek and more Mulatto Balls

Found this on Ryan Rotten’s page - here’s the first look at the Fangoria issue that will feature the Southern-Fried Horror article:

It’s issue 273, and I believe it hits the stands on or around April 15th. Scoop it up if you can - I hear the coverage is awesome. They pretty much talk up all of our movies - from Closet Space to 100 Tears to Domain of the Damned to Flesh Keeper to Sweatshop and beyond. Check out that above-title blurb. We got a Clive Barker movie cover issue to boot. Awesome. Here’s the blurb from the
Fangoria website:

SOUTHLAND TERROR TALES A gang of up-and-coming frightmeisters unleash murder and monsters below the Mason-Dixon Line."

By the way, the "Mulatto Balls" in the title of this blog is purely a baiting tactic to get people to come look at the Fango cover. When I put "Mulatto Balls" in the title of my last Obama-centric blog, I got tons of page views from people who apparently are very intrigued by my "mixed bag".

Speaking of mixed bags, I’m in the process of becoming a S.A.G. signatory for the purpose of making Walking Distance a S.A.G. production. Hopefully, this won’t be another "it seemed like a good idea at the time" situation. There have been too many of those over the last few years. I guess I’ll have to play in that sandbox sooner or later, and now’s as good a time as any.