Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rockin' in the free world...

Okay, so here's the news. A lot of you probably already know who Jonah Matranga is. If you don't - well, he was in a bunch of really good bands like Far, Gratitude, New End Original, and Onelinedrawing. He also sings on the new Fort Minor record. Those of you that came to my wedding heard me play one of Jonah's songs.

Anyway, Jonah is coming to Texas to play the SXSW showcase for Equal Vision Records (on March 17 at Emo's if you're interested in coming down for that), but we are trying to book a couple of Texas shows around that for him. So far we have the Houston one locked down: the show will be Wednesday, March 15 at The Proletariat (903 Richmond). Actual show time and cover are forthcoming, but I would guess we will start about 7-ish.

Houston's own Radio
Pioneer will be opening the show, but here's the "big personal musical announcement": myself and members of Radio Pioneer will also be performing as Jonah's backing band. I'll probably be playing bass, maybe regular guitar as well. I'm pretty stoked about that - it should be a really fun time. Some of you may remember me going up in flames the last time I played with Jonah (in 1999 I think)....hopefully that won't happen this time. I was mainly freaked out about being on stage with one of my musical idols (I would liken it to playing onstage with Kurt Cobain for me, seriously), but I think I've gotten over being squirrely about fame in the last few years.

Anyway, I hope to see all the Houstonian readers there. Dallas/Ft. Worth area people - do not fret, as we are working on getting a show set up there the following night.

For more info, you can check out Jonah's website or the Equal Vision Records

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