Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just got back from the Texas Frightmare Weekend. Lots of cool stuff went down, but I guess most importantly... Witchcraft 13's Anjanette Clewis was on a "Scream Queen" panel (along with Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Caroline Williams, Ashlie Rhey and Heidi Martinuzzi) moderated by Joe Bob Briggs. She told the story about going blind. We also set up a monitor at Anjanette's table and played the WC13 trailer on a continuous loop. She posed for photos and did a few signings, and even I got to autograph a few of the WC13 postcards that we printed up. Nice. People did seem to have a morbid curiosity towards the movie, which I guess is positive.

I also made a few valuable connections that may come into play for Closet Space...we'll see how those pan out. Look for a Horror Channel interview with myself in the coming days coverage of the TFW. Also, good show kudos go out to the Necrophobia gang as well as the guys from The Quick and the Undead. Keep an eye out for these flicks in the coming year.

In closing, original Jason Ari Lehman is one cool mofo.

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packratshow said...

Congrats to Anjanette(...promoting the movie!). Also, John Bloom is my hero.