Thursday, February 23, 2006

The best and the worst of the same time.

So the Witchcraft 13 premiere was tonight. I had a feeling that it was going to kick ass early on, when we had to move everyone from the smallest theatre in the Drafthouse to one of the largest. The original theatre seated 80, and the second, larger one held 150 (supposedly). The evenings head total was 170. 170 people there to see the movie that I went through all 7 levels of hell for. It was a pretty cool feeling...but what would they think of it?

More importantly, would I care?

Fortunately, everyone seemed to like the flick. The refrain for the evening was "Better than I thought it would be" ...which leads me to wonder what it was exactly they expected.

All of the people whose opinions I actually would take to heart dug the fuck out of WC13 - these are the working actors, musicians, film/movie makers, and general industry people that have gone through the trenches as well. Actually, the only thinly-veiled shitty comments I recieved were courtesy of the biggest reprobates that I know. "Talking loud and saying nothing", to quote the Godfather of Soul. Sad, really...but some people are just curmudgeons for life, I guess.

I hung out with some of the local filmmakers afterwards, and it actually seemed like I inspired a few of them to get their things off the ground. I couldn't ask for a better reward. Just make sure you put that 'Made In Texas' tag on there.

Now the final cut gets turned in and the video release date gets set, and I'm off to start pre-production on Closet Space...well, I guess actually I'll start that AFTER the Jonah shows, so I have to put on the musical hat before doffing the movie one again. Closet Space auditions are this weekend, though, so that should be fun.

Next weekend we are in Chicago to promote WC13 and Drawing Blood at the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors. That should be fun as well, especially since the guest list kicks ass.


packratshow said...

I didn't get to chat with you too much but I just wanted to say congrats again. People talk and talk, but you actually went out and did it and you're about to do it again(and again). To all those griping, where's your nationally distributed film, huh?

And yeah, you gave me a kick in the ass to get a decent computer and start editing my weird videos again.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Nudity, violence, never boring, what more can one ask?

Aresdragon said...

Mel - you and the entire cast are to be congratulated! The movie was awesome!

I can't believe you were able to make that movie on the budget you had!

You kicked ASS!

Robb Zipp said...

Like I told you last night, it was really entertaining and you guys all did a good job. It was a real kick to sit next to Tim Wrobel during the fiml and get his reaction to scenes, too. Last night was a big success and I hope it carries on. Kudos, my friend. Kudos.