Sunday, February 19, 2006

I never wanna say my best days are behind me.

We went on our first location visit to one of the locales for Closet Space today. The place is awesome, and offers lots of opportunities. We are doing a small audition on Saturday the 25th, mainly so that we can start the FX casting process (molds, etc.) There's some weird stuff going on right now in regards to some of the roles, but hopefully I'll be able to iron that out in a week or so. One luxury we have with Closet Space is that of time.

I have two screenings at the Alamo this week: Electric Purgatory tomorrow night, and the Witchcraft 13 premiere on Wednesday. It's Mel House week at the Drafthouse, apparently.

I'm also practicing for the upcoming mini-tour with Jonah Matranga. So basically...I'm finishing post on one movie, prepping another to shoot, and learning music in any downtime that I have after that (plus my 8 -5 job, of course). It makes for an interesting sleeping schedule.

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