Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hammer To Fall

Big announcements to come in the next few days involving my next project. It's shaping up quite nicely, and things are already looking to run smoother than on the Witchcraft shoot. I'm extremely excited about the material, locations, tone, and budget as well (as I have stated before). I hope to have some info on the movie (at least a teaser poster at the very least) by next week's Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Regarding Witchcraft - we are still working toward a final cut of the film that all parties can be happy with. Hopefully WC13 won't end up being a Thomas Lee film...but I have to admit that some of the changes make me uncomfortable with the flow and the overall quality. We'll see how that goes, I guess. After this is all said and done, I'll definitely have lots of material for a memoir of the experience of making this movie. Regardless of all the usual behind-the-scenes mess, we are still on track for the premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse on February 22.

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