Friday, January 06, 2006

Death to Videodrome -

- Long live the new flesh.

For various reasons, I feel like I've reached a seachange in my life/career. It could be the Witchcraft 13 could be the extremely horrible conditions that I have to endure at my place of could be the fact that now everything seems to almost be falling into place for my next movie (and the one after that, as well). Things are actually happening, and I'm pretty excited about that.

What are the projects looming on the horizon? Can't say just yet, but I'm very excited about them - at the very least I'll be collaborating with some new faces on some dark and gritty horror material. And, when I say "dark and gritty", I don't mean Saw. Saw is for pussies.

I'm also in the process of setting myself up to make a living doing this, rather than take another fiscal ass-reaming in the name of cinema. That's the biggest challenge of course...but day by day, it becomes an easier goal than one might think.

My buddy Mike Scrutchin has asked me to write up a story about the making of Witchcraft 13 for his website, It will basically be a more linear version of what you've been reading here, but I think I'll be adding some new perspective, what with the project almost behind me. Look for that in the near future.

The tentative screening date for Witchcraft 13 at the Alamo Drafthouse is Wednesday, February 15th (pending final approval of the movie by the powers-that-be). My cadre of graphic designers is hard at work on a poster as I type this.

In other news, my buddy Dwayne and I went to see Hostel. Eh. It had a few okay moments, but otherwise I was nonplussed (although I enjoyed it more than Cabin Fever). I don't feel like going on about it, but if you want specifics, I pretty much agree with the Fangoria review of the film.

But I just did Witchcraft 13, so what the fuck do I know?

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packratshow said...

Thanks for inviting me, it really meant a lot to me.

I look forward to the WC13 screening.

I like titties and gore.