Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Big fish eat the little ones...

Witchcraft 13 is on its way to the Executive Producer for final approval/notes/changes. We are on track for the premiere on the 22nd of February at the Alamo Drafthouse, and we have gotten exposure about that from Dread Central, Arrow In The Head, Bloody Disgusting, Horror Movies.Ca, and probably some others that I haven't even seen yet. Awesome. Thanks to all those that help us spread the word - I know more than anyone about the stigma that this series carries. Hopefully Blood Of The Chosen will change that a little.

And even if that doesn't come to pass, I guess it doesn't really matter. My next feature project is just about greenlit, and we are pulling the trigger on this one fast. Like before Spring Break fast. And it's a full-blown supernatural Lovecraftian-gory-but-not-jokey horror script. I think Hell has indeed frozen over. Either that or my most recent attempt to sell my soul to the Dark Lord Baphomet was successful. More to come on the Untitled Mel House Project in the next few days.

What's more the Public Access issue is coming to a close, and the Executive Director has stepped down. This is awesome for me personally, because I think the previous regime ruined public access in Houston (and not just because they fired me on trumped up charges). Just for a little context (very little, and with an admittedly personal slant), the former HMS executive director was the executive director of Austin Public Access 'round about the time that Robert Rodriguez was editing El Mariachi on the 3/4" machines there. When asked about Robert, all I got from her was "I don't like him", "he's not what access is about", and "he's not that special".

Okay...maybe not liking him is subjective (although having met him a few times during my stint at UT, I would have to say he's one of the coolest guys I've ever talked to). But to say that the guy who more or less single-handedly redefined the independent film paradigm not just once, but twice, (and arguably three times) is "not what access is about", and "not that special"? The guy gave "capital-H" Hollywood the finger with both hands, and she makes him out to be a pariah? There's something wrong there, and this woman does not need to be running a cornerstone of free thought. We might as well have put Sean Hannity in charge of Pacifica.

Then again, it may bode well for me symbolically.

So, in closing, here's a big fat middle finger (with both hands) to Houston MediaSource version 1998-2006.

And if you were one of the "live show haters" (you know who you are, "talent" included) - I hope you can hear the cackle of my resounding mean-spirited laughter aimed squarely at you.

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