Monday, August 21, 2006

Tonight we shot even more FX stuff for Closet Space - and word has it that the Oddtopsy FX gang are going to begin work on still more debauchery soon. Maybe I'll get the dreaded "X" rating on the first pass. What a badge of honor that would be.

Marcus Koch of Oddtopsy will most likely be joining us for the NYC area Fangoria Weekend of Horrors at the end of September, so I'm really looking forward to that. Hopefully, Chris and Derek can join us as well.

Looks like I will be taking care of security at Screamworld again this least for the last few weekends before Samhain. Should be fun, as always.

Friday, Stacy Davidson and I are meeting up with the writer/director of the flick we will begin work on next month. That too, should be fun. I'm looking forward to the transition into moviemaking as my "job". I'll post info about that movie (which is the infamous "September Project") once we get closer to production.

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