Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I guess I didn't officially mention it, but Closet Space has wrapped principal photography. I'm hard at work editing...I took a lot of time initially capturing, organizing bins, and naming clips in a somewhat orderly manner. I learned this lesson pretty quickly on Witchcraft...when I ingested all the footage for that picture I did it all in large chunks, tape by tape, thinking that would be the easiest approach. Not the case at all. Editing Lesson #1: Take more time on the ingest to save yourself lots of time during the actual cutting period.

Hopefully a Closet Space trailer will be done within the next few days. Things are ramping up on the Nott Entertainment movie that I start work on in a couple weeks, so I'm busy getting that stuff together as well. Helping with casting, production managing, equipment...the usual. This weekend, Mrs. House and I are taking the drive up to the location so that I can scope it out and start putting together the general game plan.

I'm really excited about the Nott movie for many reasons...but mainly it marks my first official foray into being a PAID member of a movie in a Mr. Blonde "job-type job" way. I feel somewhat legitimized. Next stop: unionization!

The Rollins Band show was awesome. Seeing Hank onstage always re-energizes and focuses me.

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Stacy said...

"Closet Space trailer"...

I am so ready for this. Got my popcorn and shit, got my goobers and everything.