Sunday, April 02, 2006

In A Jar

Dinosaur Jr. was awesome, as I figured it would be. Saw a lot of old-school music scenesters there (before the Houston music scene became too "hip and ironic" for it's own good), as well as a bunch of people that I knew from all levels of public schooling. Small world.

I think I'm in the planning stages of my first "promo tour" as a bona-fide horror moviemaker. In October, the wife and I are planning to hit the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Jersey/NYC, and then go straight to the Eerie Horror Film Festival in Erie, PA (with a slight detour to Cedar Point to celebrate our 1 year anniversary a bit early). We are planning to have tables at both events, and we might be appearing in conjunction with other horror biz people. I'm starting to put the details together right now. More on that as it develops, along with updates on the Burbank edition of the Weekend of Horrors (in June).

Today (Sunday) I'm going to possibly begin meandering back into the world of public-access television by helping my friend (The Reverend Bart Stewart) produce a show intended to air on the channel. While I'm not really excited about the prospect of returning to that facility/situation, Bart really wants to make incisive television so I can dig it. Plus, the man performed the wedding rites for us (pretty much verbatim as my sick ass had written them), so how could I say no?

Tonight, a few of the producers and I are having another budgetary meeting regarding Closet Space, and hopefully this will be the final pre-production hurdle. One thing that I've noticed in dealing with people on this movie is that I'm a lot more cut-throat than before. I just don't is it my "people" would say this?

I don't want no triflin' ass bitches to be killin' my game.

Sometimes a nigga has to be ghetto to survive.

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