Sunday, April 30, 2006


The first cast reading of the Closet Space script went pretty well. Everyone seemed to really hit the correct beats at the right times, even bringing some shading to the characterizations that I hadn't thought of. Jason (the writer) and I definitely have some things to run with as far as dialogue and character tweaking go, so now were back on the computers, typing away with newfound aplomb. Our cast definitely makes me feel at ease this time around.

Before the reading yesterday, a few of us went out to the farmhouse location to purchase the materials for our set build-out up there. We start actual construction next week - it should be an interesting (and sweaty) experience. Hopefully I won't nail-gun my hand to the wall again.

I just resubmitted the Closet Space info to the IMDb, so hopefully it will go through this time. I'll also begin fleshing out the website with bios and such soon.

It's a veritable whirlwind of activity at the Upstart Filmworks home offices, and we have our crew meeting this evening to discuss the game plan with them. And so it begins....again.

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