Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hell is a 72-Hour Turnkey Project

This past weekend, I helped my future DP create a movie in 72 hours for the Filmerica challenge. It was pretty rough at times, culminating in my being so tired after the first two days that I took a bath in my hallway NOT REALIZING THAT I WASNT IN THE BATHROOM. Weird. Things did turn out okay, though, and the resultant movie isn't half bad. Along with all the behind the scenes stuff that I did that actually transcends my 'Director of Photography' credit, I also played the role of the bad guy in the cloak. Hopefully Robert Englund won't try to sue me - it's hard to do a movie like that and not channel The Springwood Slasher in some form or another. Consider it an homage, Mr. Englund. Either that, or a bid to direct the next Nightmare movie. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what happens with the movie in the competition. We have already begun talking about fleshing out the concept to feature length. Perhaps this will be my post-TRISKADEKAPHOBIA (not the real title) project. Which means that I'm going to have to push back 'Walking Distance' yet again. It will eventually get made though.

In other news, the IMDb has finally added Electric Purgatory to the database, which is cool. Unfortunately, I'm the only name linked so far. Hopefully they'll take care of that - there are lots of people involved with EP that deserve the recognition, especially the bands.

Triskadeka-Update: Still looking forward to auditions. Still getting submissions. Still having to tell everybody that there's nudity. I've had a couple of aspiring scream queens send me headshots, so that's good. They have no problems with the 'requirements' of the movie. I also think I found someone for a major role this weekend as a result of the 72 hour film shoot. As they say, things happen for a reason. I finally read the two leads last night, and they seem to have a pretty solid chemistry going, so that will make things easier for sure. We're also scouting locations now - I've brought on a Location Manager (who just happens to be a guy that I've known for 23 years), and I think I found a Production Manager this evening. It will be nice not having to wear all these hats this time around. Now I just have to learn to let go and delegate, despite my total lack of faith in humanity. Labor Day Weekend looks to be our go date, and we'll probably start off with the raunchy stuff first. Ahh...indie filmmaking.

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