Tuesday, July 26, 2005

And the winner is...Witchcraft 13

I've been given the go ahead to make the official announcement of what my next project actually is. Now I can tell everyone that I'm directing the 13th entry in the popular direct-to-video 'Witchcraft' series. I've only told a few people outside of my crew so far, and the question that I get the most is:

"Is that that movie with Fairuza Balk/Neve Cambpell/The Girl With The Big Forehead?"

No. No, it's not.

Anyway, we shot some test footage last night, along with effects plates for tests of all the digital "witchcraftiness" that's going to take place. Beams of light, balls of energy, lightning, etc.

The test scenes were pure dramatic talking head stuff, but they got me pretty pumped about the movie. I actually have a talented pool of individuals to use, and it's a luxury that I'm not used to. It's nice to let go and delegate - be it with camera placement, script assistance, or slate-clacking. I can concentrate on the performances, finally. I hope the other producers agree with my choices for Will, Laura, and Dolores.

My comic book guys returned their screener copy of 'Drawing Blood' to me this weekend. They kind of bagged on it without coming right out and saying so. Didn't bother me too much on a conscious level...but subconsciously, in that really dark recess of my mind, right next to where I store all the Nightmare On Elm Street movie release dates, I felt a bit indignant. I guess it's the same attitude that I have with movie reviewers - let's see you do better, asshole. The naysaying is nothing new to me though - the first time I showed Drawing Blood to one of my best friends, all they did was complain the whole time about how "stupid" or "gay" the movie was, and that "it wasn't really horror".

I guess it's a good thing that stupid, gay, non-horror movie got me a stupid, gay, non-horror movie deal, huh?

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Robb Zipp said...

I hope I'm still slated to be death #2 with something coming out of my ass!!!