Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've just about settled down from my whirlwind September, and am slowly getting into the editing groove again. Closet Space is looking good...so much so that I'm starting the process of setting up Closet Space 2 to shoot this time next year. My plan is to use the spring and summer of 2007 for pre-production and monster and F/X building. I've been talking with Jason about having a CS2 brainstorming weekend sometime soon, so I'm pretty sure I'll find myself in California in the next month or so. Our aim is to have a draft done by January.

This past weekend the wife and I took advantage of a Best Buy sale to pick up an 32" HDTV for my edit suite. I'm using it as an output monitor, so now I can really dissect picture and contrast during the CS editing process. My goal is to time things pretty dark...but without losing a whole mess of detail, much like...you guessed it...A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I'm also flying out to Tampa sometime soon to do some final 2nd Unit FX shooting for Closet Space - that will happen within the next month or so as well. Thank God I have a OnePass account.

The first weekend of my Screamworld security detail went by without a hitch, and I got the chance to scare the ever living shit out of quite a few people. It's the little things in life...

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