Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For those of you that clicked over here from the Zombos Closet or Blogcritics interview - you might want to start further back if you want to read all the crazy production stories. I'm in post on Closet Space right now, so there aren't that many tales to tell...I'm sure when promotion, screenings, and distribution stuff starts to kick in it will get a little more exciting around here. For now, courage.

Here's a good place to start. That's around when we did our cast readings, conceptual designs, and set construction. We began shooting in May, shot heavily through June and July, and wrapped principal photography in August. You can use the monthly list on the right to click around, and note that the older entries are at the bottom of the pages.

I hadn't realized that there was so much to trudge through, as I really didn't expect to write all that much on this thing. It will make my snarky autobiography all the easier, though.

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