Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Back in the saddle again

So the wedding is over, I am now an honest man, and the movie madness can continue in earnest. I have to admit...the break that I was forced into taking because of the nuptials and subsequent honeymoon has refreshed me. I dove into editing the movie on Sunday night, and I've already got the first assembly cut of the inital scene done. It's looking quite good, I think. Next (probably beginning this afternoon) I'll start putting the cave sequences together so that I'll know what coverage we need to shoot next weekend when we return to The Cave Without a Name to get the final shots and wrap the production.

There's a bit of excitement in the air as lots of opportunities seem to be making themselves available to myself and the extended film family - I'm positive that Witchcraft is the Keymaster to the Gatekeeper of opportunity.

The IMDb page is on its way to being complete and accurate, and the official website is pretty much on the same track. Once I get some more space on the web host, I'm going to start throwing some video on the site.

Off to the womblike darkness of the edit bay....

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