Sunday, October 16, 2005

Even got me a little life...

Not really, but who's counting?

We had to reschedule yesterday's reshoots because of issues with the location. So this Saturday the 22nd we are shooting the intro insert shots, plus the scare scene with Peyton/BEN.

Then the Saturday after that, I get hitched. Spending a lot of time lately on the whole wedding thing, of course. The Witchcraft master tapes are languishing on my desk...staring at me...daring me to try and cut a scene while I organize the music selection for the ceremony...

I might be putting a little something together before the wedding, but most of the editing and post will take place after I get back from Disney World/The Bahamas.

I also have to upgrade the traffic allowance on the WC13 site. It's getting a lot of hits, which is cool.

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