Wednesday, August 17, 2005


And the hits just keep on coming.

Over the last few days I've had to recast a couple of the roles for the movie. One was due to an understandable (and unavoidable) scheduling conflict - I kind of saw it coming, so I had my contingency plan ready to rock. The second one, however, blindsided me and pretty royally pissed me off for a number of reasons (all petty, illogical, and avoidable).

Someone that I really wanted for a lead role basically had a freakout and decided against taking the part. Unfortunately it was one of my three or four pre-audition cast certainties, which kind of jacks with my head in a way. I guess it's nothing new to me - it happened three times on Fade To Black, and the movie only really suffered from one of the roles being recast. Still, it's a major pain in the ass to get the new person up to speed, and get them to read with Will Spanner (the lead character), and hopefully develop some of the chemistry that was there before. Who knows, maybe it will work out for the better. The new people seem pretty excited about the whole deal (as they should be - a lot of people are selling this project short because of it's somewhat questionable lineage - but you'll be in Blockbuster Video, for Christ sakes). I think my dumb luck is running out though - it just so happened that my two replacements were available for the shoot days I had already scheduled. I hope no one sells me out a week prior to their call time. I'd hate to have to end up making out with Will Spanner myself.

Reconfirmed with The Cave With No Name - they're excited to have us, which is cool. The only locations that we're having problems with are the two bar scenes. We were referred to an "indie-friendly" bar in Houston, and when we asked about shooting, they quoted a location fee of up to $2000(!). Real "indie-friendly", that.

Next weekend is our first shoot weekend, so we're preparing for that. We're shooting about half of the sex scenes and one kill scene. Blood and breasts...should be a gas.

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