Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fangoria ran a story on their website today regarding the new Closet Space poster. Awesome.

I get more and more pumped as time moves on and I get more of the edit done. The movie is looking pretty sweet so far, and it's just my first pass.

2006 is definitely shaping up to be a year that doesn't suck (for the most part). Thanks to everyone that helped it not suck - from my wife, to my crew, to my lawyers, to my favorite bands/musicians, to my colleagues and fellow movie makers. Hopefully 2007 will tear the door off the hinges.


This evening I noticed that Arrow In The Head ran a piece on the poster as well. They also went to the website and grabbed a pic of Danielle, who is slowly becoming our unofficial mascot.

I find that funny in a lot of ways, especially since she was a last-minute replacement because of some stupid bullshit that was left over from the last project I did. Long story, but it worked out for the better. Things happen for a reason, I guess...it should suffice to say that I'm glad that we found her...and I need to find a way to have Monica return in Closet Space 2. Twin sister, maybe. Or maybe the "Earth-616" version of Monica.

Wow...I'm a huge nerd.

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